Viens...avec moi.

Anonymous asked: But seriously who cares about Soulja boy



uMmM don’t act like soulja boy didn’t shape your whole life from 2007-2010 when you were cranking that and turning your swag on and YAHH TRICK YAAAHHing everywhere so bitch please try again


I don’t understand,
why do I stress a man,
when there’s so many bigger things at hand.

We coulda never had it all,
we had to hit a wall.
So this is inevitable withdrawal.

Even if I stop wanting you,
a perspective pushes true,
I’ll be some next man’s other woman soon.

I shouldn’t play myself again,
I should just be my own best friend,
not fuck myself in the head with stupid men!

—Tears Dry On Their Own - Amy Winehouse (via askaboutnikki)

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WHY would you want weed socks where you gonna wear those?? to church???? to school? to work? no you’ll wear them at home by yourself and take pics of them for the internet bc there’s little marijuanas on them

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Shout out to everyone dating their crush. You put yourself out there and look at you now. Wow. Proud of you.

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Sometimes I think to myself, “do I really want to buy another chocolate bar?”
And then I remember that there is a super volcano under Yellowstone that is 40,000 years overdue and when it erupts it could potentially cover most of north America in ash and create a volcanic winter that kills half the worlds population
And I’m like, fuck yeah I want that chocolate bar

This is one of the most inspiring posts i’ve ever seen

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